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MoonLight is an interactive LED wall luminary designed to produce endless possibilities when creating atmosphere, playing with light and shadows.

The design concept involves three different sizes, and each one of the having two sets of light emitting diodes. One set for the front light and the other for the backlight. They light up and dim inversely proportional. The original concept design was rewarded with the Red Dot: Best Of The Best 2014 award.

The light is being changed using intuitive touch gestures. One finger tap for step by step increase/decrease, two quick taps for full front light – or full back light, and holding the finger on the surface for a slow automated crossfade. The LEDs are positioned in the outer housing rim, and they emit light towards the center. That was another technical challenge, to make the light distribute evenly throughout entire front surface. This was achieved using the Light Guide Panel technology. There are several layers of laser etched acrylic panels combined with the diffusing foil. The housing is made from solid black anodized aluminum.

Moonlight luminaires have been evolving for the past couple of years.

The initial idea and first series of prototypes had a mechanical round dimmer that affected the intensity of the light. It could be turned either clockwise of counterclockwise, with no ending position, and the lights would shift from back to front in a pleasant cross-fading impression. For the easier dimmer manipulation, there was an distinctive round dent positioned in the surface.

In 2015/16 we replaced the mechanical dimmer with a capacitive surface. Each luminary also containes a micro controller and a bluetooth module. We also developed an iPad app.

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