Creachair is a children’s chair (stool), which will also be their play buddy and help them develop creativity, imagination, motor and tactile skills. We were led by the idea to create a product that encourages children to express emotions, practice visual communication and participate with the design process from an early age.

Creative expression and tactile stimulation are very important for cognitive and physical development of a child. The choice of different textures and materials helps tactile stimulation to be more sensational.

Every Creachair is assembled from a seat, legs, eyes, teeth and leg covers, all of them in various shapes, colors and materials. Kids of early age can make new and different characters on their own in endless combinations. They will experience many different tactile sensations and ways to co-create a play buddy.

While playing they will practice fine motor skills and learn how to use zippers, push buttons, laces and velcro.

The stool is constructed solely of wood. The legs are simply screwed to the seat – no metal parts and no tools required! Engineered with great attention to details, the soft wood gives beautiful finish and light weight, while hard wood tap and nut promise firmness and liability.

The wooden parts are coated with natural plant-based oil finish, that is VOC free and completely non-toxic.

Creachair has detachable eyes and teeth. They can be changed and repositioned in order to build many different characters and facial expressions. Their size and shape are carefully designed to be easy to apply and frustration free.

The eyes are made form embroidered felt with velcro backing, in several colors and shapes. The teeth are made form food-grade non-toxsic silicone rubber.

There are endless possibilities in creating different characters. Few of them are shown here using the same base. Kids can play alone or can create together with their parents. With a wide variety of material options you can get fuzzy, furry, scary, silly or all of the above. Creachair is also suitable for use by larger groups of kids, for instance in kindergarden, playroom, library, etc…